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News Flashes

CTU2XXX controllers are BTL version 19 certified




The CTU2XXX controllers family are now certified to BTL latest version – version 19.

The CTU2XXX DDC controller by Meitav-tec was upgraded to meet the latest BTL version # 19.

Link to product page
Link to BACnet international


TAT/SUPER - New design – improved version to our successful FMH models



New product release

TAT/SUPER thermostat is now released.

Combining many FMH models into one unit, with plenty of built-in features and capabilities

Improvements include:

  • Supporting Cool-Only settings
  • Suitable for Fan-Coil as well as A/C units
  • 110-230 VAC combined in one model
  • Larger LCD display and decimal point for temperature reading
  • Link to product page


    Touch screen thermostat series



    New product release

    MTS & MTSC - Touch screen Thermostat

    Suitable for Multiple HVAC applications Easy and clear GUI, 24VAC or 110-220VAC, 6 Digital Outputs, 2 Analog Outputs (0-10V), 2 Universal Inputs, Occupancy Sensor Interface (PIR), 14 DIP Switches – options variety, Simple Technician interface, WiFi, CO2, Humidity, Lights, Optional integral BACNET & MODBUS interface

    Link to product page





    Variable Fan Speed control



    Meitav-tec is proud to present you with our latest product MRSC-SUPER
    "All in one sensor".
    MRSC measures CO2, Humidity, & Temperature in a one new outstanding look for office, hotel room, and even your leaving room

    read more about the necessity of MRSC

    Link to product page





    Variable Fan Speed control



    Variable Fan Speed control (EC motors Fan control) for Fan-Coils applications with MODBUS and BACNET B.M.S. interface Suitable for OEMs, projects and retrofits.

    Link for more info





    Meitav-tec is a certified manufacturer



    Meitav-tec is a certified manufacturer of INDUSTRIAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT and PANELS with UL-508A and CAN/CSA-22.2 No. 14 standards.

    Meitav-tec was approved to be a UL certified manufacturer of Industrial Control Panels for General Use and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

    The control cabinets are approved at the following Electrical Ratings: Up to 600 V, 50/60 Hz, single or three-phase, 600 A max.



    Articles about the PYRO_X in technical magazines



    Electrical Line Magazine:

    Meitav-Tec Launches Long-Awaited Snow-Melt System


    Weekly Product Gallery by "CONTRACTOR">>

    Total Landscape Care

    Meitav-Tec Unveils Zone Snowmelt Control System by "Ttotallandscapecare">>


    PYRO_X - A new innovative de-icing system



    The ultimate controller for industrial, commercial and residential
    PYROSENSE - Snow / Ice sensor
    PYROCON12 - Main controller
    PYROBOX     - Power and connection box

    Articles about the PYRO_X in technical magazines >>
    Meitav-Tec Unveils Zone Snowmelt Control System >>


    BTL Certification for CTU2500 Series



    We are proud to announce that the CTU2500 controllers family is BTL certified.

    The whole CTU2XXX BACnet product family are approved by BACnet international.

    Products information can be viewed in the following link: CTU2XXX






    New Product Release

    The FMHC220-FC-MDB03 is the upgraded version of the FMHC220-FC-MDB02.

    The FMHC220-FC-MDB03 is a room thermostat with Modbus protocol interface, suitable for various applications and configurations of HVAC.

    The new upgraded features in the FMHC220-FC-MDB03 makes it a perfect selection also for Reflecting Cooling Beams, For Cool Only HVAC systems and for any 2 pipe Fan-Coil system with Electrical Heater active when Cool water are present

    Read more on features and options of the FMHC220-FC-MDB03





    The TLC is a Temperature Limit Controller especially designed for Energy Saving. This compact, cost effective Controller can be easily installed at any existing A/C system to enable substantial energy saving by limiting 'set temperature'. Limit Cool & Limit Heat values are configurable. If ambient temperature exceeds the predefined limits, the compressor will stop working. The TLC  will automatically re-operate the compressor according to these values. 

    Read more on TLC






    Another superior thermostat from Meitav-tec! 

    The FMHC220-FC-MDB02 with Modbus protocol is highly versatile offering numerous selectable modes and options to best suit your application.

    Using DIP switches, you can easily adopt it to 2-pipe, 4-pipe or no-valve Fan Coil system or use it as a Cool/Heat or Cool Only thermostat. Not only that but many other useful features, such as Auto-Change-Over, Contact input for Economy, Auto-Fan, disabling Fan are all selectable.

    Read more on features and options of the FMHC220-FC-MDB02



    TS-05 & TS-06



    TS-05 & TS-06, External Temperature Sensors, 80 cm and 300 cm respectively, are coated with isolating plastic cover, rather than metal. 

    These Sensors are suitable for 230/115/24VAC thermostats.

    For more technical details, read TS-05 & TS-06 data sheets.






    The upgraded energy saving, 24VAC thermostat,  ETN24-PH-FC-SUPER offers up to 18 configurations built in.
    With a proportional (0-10V) output for Cool and an On-Off output for Heat, it is suitable for Cool/Heat or Cool Only Fan Coil applications.

    With numerous configurations built-in (either Cool/Heat/Auto, Cool/Heat/Fan, or Cool Only, all of which selectable with 1 / 2 / 3 fan speed control), the ETN24-PH-FC-SUPER is an ideal solution for wholesalers to keep a stock on the shelf and instantly supply the proper configuration according to customer's specifications.

    Read more


    I/O card



    The CTU I/O card, with Modbus, BACnet or MaxiNet interface for B.M.S offers high performance, reliability and ease of use.

    This Multi purpose I/O card can support a variety of systems, such as lighting, air compressor, chiller or any other electric device integrated in any communication network. All inputs & outputs can be viewed, controlled and monitored from the B.M.S. program and can be easily weekly programmed.

    Read a data sheet on  Meitav-tec's I/O card family

    Read a newsletter on Meitav-tec's I/O card






    The newly developed  MIGA AB controller is a smart, cost effective solution for multiple fan-coil control. 

    The master panel allows control of up to 32 MIGA controllers, which need the same working conditions.
    MIGA board controls temperature according to the orders received from the master, but works
    according to its local ambient temperature, measured by its temperature sensors.
    It is, therefore, a great solution for open
    spaces, such as banks, large stores
    and similar applications where one set
    of parameters suits all fan-coil units.

    Learn more about MIGA AB





    New product version release! The FMH-FC-SUPER4 is an additional product in the FC-SUPER family for Fan-Coil control, which offers some practical, distinguishing features, which do not exist in the FMH-FC-SUPER3 :

    • Soft-start on Heat mode

    • Soft-start delay - adjustable

    • Auto-change-over temperature Dead Zone setting - configurable

    • Economy set-point - fixed

    Learn more about FMH-FC-SUPER4


    'Free Cooling' 



    'Free Cooling' is an additional controller Meitav-tec has designed for energy saving.
    'Free Cooling' is virtually a Cool Only thermostat, which serves as a complementary to an existing HVAC control system.The thermostat is designed to take advantage of natural resources to cool room temperature; if outside temperature is cooler than ambient then the Free Cooling thermostat sends a signal to open a window or a damper to let fresh, cool air come in, and cool
    the room.

    Read more






    The EC-300 offers substantial energy saving of Air Conditioning & Lighting operation in hotel bedrooms, offices and conference rooms. This smart Energy Controller turns off/on HVAC + lighting systems per presence in a room via an Occupancy Sensor and optional Contact Inputs for the doors and windows. It also allows limiting room temperature (ambient temperature) in Heat mode and Cool mode,  saving more energy, without any change in the existing HVAC controlling interface of the room.



    Product Naming Conventions



    If you are interested to understand our product naming method and general abbreviations in product model, we invite you to find this information in 'Product Naming Conventions' under Products category. 







    The FMHC220-P-FC-MDB01 is a stand alone, proportional thermostat for 2-Pipe or 4-Pipe applications with Modbus protocol for B.M.S.

    The FMHC220-P-FC-MDB01 offers modular, user friendly configuration
    to best suit customer’s needs.  Its Modbus communication protocol, makes it also compatible for Building Management System (B.M.S.) applications.

    Read more on data sheet



    Energy Saving Tips



    Meitav-tec has lately improved its website with a series of Energy Saving Tips to implement at home
    or office in order to save energy, save money and save our planet!
    Meitav-tec is committed to the environment and fights global warming by developing state of the art thermostats with smart, energy saving algorithms in order to reduce energy consumption and have
    a greener lifestyle.






    Meitav-tec has recently launched a new distinguished Fan-Coil thermostat, FMHC220-FC-MDB01, with MODBUS communication protocol interface. This recently released thermostat is an upgraded version of the popular, widely sold FMH220-FC-SUPER3, and includes
    also Modbus communication interface to be compatible for Building
    Management Systems (B.M.S).

    Read more on        Product Data Sheet             Product Newsletter






    The newly upgraded version of ETN-24-P-PD-FC-SUPER2 thermostat for Fan Coil Proportional valve applications is available!

    With the new version, you have the option to choose 1, 2 or 3 fan speeds and you can also choose Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display.
    Read more


    MaxiNet 7 is now available



    The updated software is now available for purchasing and installation after several successful installations and satisfied customers.

    The upgraded 7 enables any authorized user to log-in into the HVAC network from anywhere using a computer and Internet connection, view, operate and control the units in the network, create graphs and calculate costs.

    Meitav-tec kept the logic of keeping the system simple and easy for installation and operation.

    It is an excellent solution for Small-to-Medium size projects (40 to 120 units), where by a minimal investment, without any need for integration, just "Plug-n-Play" - a mini B.M.S. is ready to use.

    A live demo is now available at www.maxineto.com/demo
    (Use Guest for username and password)

    Datasheet for download



    CTU-1601 – I/O (Input/Output) card for Maxinet thermostat network



    The I/O card has:

    • 8 digital inputs - Viewed in the Maxinet software

    • 8 Outputs (220V 0.5A) - Operated from the Maxinet software

    • 3 Temperature inputs - Viewed in the Maxinet software

    The outputs can be operated by the Maxinet software in a Weekly program or in real time.


    Great solution for viewing and controlling additional general devices from the software such as:

    • Chiller / Boiler

    • Lights

    • Gates

    • Outdoor lights

    Maxinet thermostat network