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Multi purpose I/O card
with Modbus, BACnet or MaxiNet interface for B.M.S.


The Meitav-tec Input/Output (I/O) card family includes advanced, general-purpose I/O control cards, designed to support a variety of energy consuming systems, integrated in any communication network.


Connected to any B.M.S. program, with either Modbus, BACnet or MaxiNet (Meitav-tec's private communication protocol), the I/O card expands control options by offering additional ports to control


other systems, such as lighting, air compressor, chiller or any other electric device. All inputs & outputs can be viewed, controlled and monitored from the B.M.S. program and can be easily weekly programmed.

  Primary benefits of Meitav-tec's I/O card:

Ÿ Highly reliable
Cost effective solution
Ÿ Ability to send commands from your 
   computer to a number of devices

Ÿ Easy connection to DIN rail
Ÿ CE certified
Ÿ Available in 230VAC/110VAC/24VAC

This I/O card offers:

Ÿ 8 Digital Inputs (DI)
Ÿ 8 Digital Outputs (DO)
Ÿ 3 temperature readings
Ÿ 2 Analog Inputs (AI), 0-10VDC
Ÿ 2 Analog Outputs (AO), 0-10VDC
  (CTU-2601 only)


   CTU Wiring Diagram


Consider using, for example, Maxinet, Meitav-tec's web based, mini B.M.S. program for HVAC control. To add control of further functionalities, such as outdoor lights or chiller, you can employ the CTU-1601 I/O card and virtually have a complete Building Automation System!



  CTU 1601 - MAXINET
    Maxinet data sheet
  Maxinet demo
CTU 2601 - BACNET    
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