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Newsletter - August 25, 2008 | Vol. 10

FMHC220-FC-MDB-01 Datasheet:



Products by Meitav-tec




Meitav-tec's "Mini BMS"
System -


Stand-Alone Fan Coil Thermostat

with Modbus-RTU communication interface

Meitav-tec is launching these days a new distinguished Fan-Coil thermostat, FMHC220-FC-MDB01, with MODBUS communication protocol interface. This recently released thermostat is an upgraded version of the popular, widely sold FMH220-FC-SUPER3, and includes also Modbus communication

interface to be compatible for Building Management Systems (B.M.S).

A central computerized system for managing and operating building systems has become nowadays a widespread, energy saving solution within Building Management Systems. Indeed, with B.M.S, operating costs are minimized while occupants are more comfortable.

With the new FMHC220-FC-MDB01 thermostat, already installed and field proven, Meitav-tec is introducing an additional product for B.M.S. applications to optimize energy saving, comfort and functionality.

The FMHC220-FC-MDB01 is a fully featured, versatile thermostat, for 2-Pipe or 4-Pipe, Fan Coil applications with 3 Fan speeds. In a 2-Pipe configuration, Hot/Cold water indication is received via communication:

  • If water is cold, Electrical Heater operates as the Heating stage. The advantage of a two-pipe system with an electric heater tends to be recognized during the transition months, fall or spring, when cooling or heating can be required on the same day.

  • If water is hot, the valve operates as the heating stage (no Electrical Heat operation) and no Cool mode is available.

Not only that, but the FMHC220-FC-MDB01 modular, user-friendly configuration allows choosing Internal / External sensor operation. Additional features, such as Set Point Temperature  Limits, Dead Zone and room temperature Offset are also changeable. 

The FMHC220-FC-MDB01 thermostat is standalone and doesn't require any additional device, such as power supplier or communication transformer.

The FMHC220-FC-MDB01 is available in the familiar, stylish and elegant FMH, Flush mount housing in various colors.

Product Highlights
  • Flush mount, 230VAC thermostat (available also in 110VAC operating voltage)
  • 2 separate On/Off outputs for
    Cool & Heat
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Auto-Speed & Auto-Fan
  • 2Pipe / 4Pipe Fan Coil - dip switch selectable
  • Energy saving - cost efficient, environmental friendly thermostat
  • Internal /External sensor -
    dip switch selectable
  • Hot / Cold water indication in
    2Pipe - received via communication
  • MAC address - up to 128 addresses - dip switch configurable
  • Fits into Gewiss box

   Coming Soon

   with 0-10V output for
   FC proportional valves

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