The CTU series are a Configurable Controllers designed to control various HVAC applications such as Fan-Coil, D/X Air Conditions, VAV, AHU, Multi-Zone, Chilled and Heated Beams and more.
The CTU operates and control Digital & Analog Inputs along with Digital & Analog Output types such as On/Off, proportional 0-10V, 3-wire and thermal actuator.
A verity of Wall panels or Remote control is available together with the CTU for interface and operation by the end-users.
The CTU can be configured by the installer without the need of a PC and software tool, using a set of on-board dip-switches. The controller is designed for field installation in a panel or enclosure or for mounting by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on DIN-rail or directly on a surface.

CTU application types:  
CTU Fan-Coil controllers Outputs operation
CTU2500-P-FC-SUPER 0-10VDC proportional
CTU2500-PM2-FC-SUPER 3 wire (Open/Common/Close) 24VAC
CTU2500-TA2-FC-SUPER Thermal Actuator (230VAC)
CTU Air Condition controller  
CTU2500-AC-SUPER Compressor & Heat Pump
CTU2500-WSHP (Water Source) Compressor & Heat Pump
CTU I/O card  
CTU2601 Input/Output Card

The TLC (Temperature Limit Controller), is a simple, yet highly efficient device which offers substantial energy saving of Air Conditioning by limiting room temperature for Cool & Heat.

Now available also in 24VAC with Fahrenheit or Celsius scale.
The 24VAC is a perfect solution to any existing American A/C units with a 24VAC control board built-in.

Meitav-tec exhibited in AHR show in Las-Vegas, NV USA during Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2011.
The show was a great success for Meitav-tec, with a lot of traffic in our booth showing high interest in our products lines, and leads from many visitors coming into our booth.
Thank you all that visited our booth.
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