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Control of multiple fan-coil controllers,
linked one to another, via a master panel.  
Ideal for open spaces.

MIGA AB controller is a smart, cost effective solution for multiple fan-coil control.
ETN/MIGA/AB master panel allows control of up to 32 MIGA controllers, which need the same working conditions.
Each MIGA board controls temperature according to the orders received from the master ETN/MIGA/AB, but works according to its local ambient temperature, measured by its temperature sensors.
It is, therefore, a great solution for open spaces, such as banks, large stores and similar applications where one set of parameters suits all fan-coil units.
MIGA AB, together with a wall or flush mount panel, is a convenient, easy way to operate numerous fan coil controllers.

• Main Supply - 230VAC
• Various F/C applications, jumper selectable:
 - 2 pipe systems
 - 4 pipe systems
• 3 fan speed control
• Modes: Cool, Heat, Auto, Fan Only
• On/Off,Mode,Fan Speed and Set-Point is selected from master panel to all boards
• Return Air Sensor and Soft-Start in Heat sensor independent in every MIGA board
• Condensing Pump output
• Special Air Mixing algorithm in Heat (when set-point ≥ ambient temp.)
• Optional master panels - Wall / flush-mount
• Optional slave panels - wall-mount, IR receiver (can override the main panel command (Last operation rules)
• Remote Control (RT03) - optional
• Daily, Start-Stop timer (from remote control only)
• Economy T-set in Cool & Heat – adjustable
• Room Temperature Offset - ±6°C
• Set point limits - 10°…30°C
• In 2-pipe systems, Aqua-Stat should be used between valve outputs and valve itself

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