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Diagnostic instrument for a wide range of applications.

The M4000MD HVAC Analyzer consists of two units; a large LCD display and a hand held sensor connected by a coiled command cable.
The M4000MD measures all HVAC inlet and outlet variables, allowing for an intelligent analysis of system performance.

• Measures Temperature (°C/°F)
• Measures Humidity (%RH)
• Measures Dew Point (°C/°F)
• Measures Velocity (FPS) and Volume (CFM)
• Measures Energy Capacity in BTU/HR
• Direct Read-out – no additional calculations needed
• Allows measurement of rectangular and ROUND GRILLS
• Three simple keypad controls operate ALL FUNCTIONS
• Low Battery Indication
• Audible and Visual Prompts
• Memory holds cumulative volume (CFM) and power (BTU/HR) measurements
• 9V Battery Operated

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