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FCC_01 - Free Cooling Controller

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Wall mount, 230VAC controller,
for Cooling with outside fresh air –
saves energy and refreshes room air.

Meitav-tec's 'Free Cooling' controller offers a simple, energy saving solution to control room temperature.
'Free Cooling' is virtually a Cool Only thermostat, which serves as a complementary to an existing HVAC control system.
The thermostat is designed to take advantage of natural resources to cool room temperature; if outside temperature is cooler than ambient then the Free Cooling thermostat sends a signal to open a window or a damper to let fresh, cool air come in, and cool the room.

• Wall mount – 230VAC thermostat
• Open / Auto / Close switch (for damper, fan or window)
• External / Internal room sensor – jumper selectable
• Outside temperature sensor input
• Can work as “stand-alone” or next to other HVAC system
• Difference between ambient and room temperature, to open the window, is jumper configured. (Default is 1°C)

FCC_01 - Free Cooling Controller
data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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