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Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat,
with 1 or 2 proportional outputs for Cool & Heat (0-10VDC),
an option for 1, 2 or 3 fan speeds,
°C or °F temperature scales,
and an option for an external sensor.

The ETN-24-P/PD-FC-SUPER is a fully featured, advanced thermostat suitable for light commercial, residential or apartment systems to control a wide array of fan coil applications.
This superior thermostat offers various configurations according to customer's requirements, applicable by  DIP switches.
It suggests 2 separate proportional outputs for Cool & Heat for 4-pipe Fan Coil systems, or a single proportional output for both Cool & Heat for 2-pipe systems.
In addition, it has an option for 1, 2 or 3 fan speeds as well as an option for an Auto-change-over and an external sensor.
Suitable for Wholesalers to keep a stock on the shelf and supply the proper configuration according to customer's specifications.
All these qualities make the ETN-24-P/PD-FC-SUPER a superior, flexible solution for easy temperature control.

• Wall mount , 24VAC thermostat
• 1 or 2 proportional (0-10V or 2-10) output for Cool & Heat –  DIP switch selectable
• 1,2 or 3 fan speeds –  DIP switch selectable
• Auto-change-over mode
• Auto Fan Speed
• External sensor – optional
• Water Temperature Sensor (T2) - auto-change –over sensor
• Energy saving – cost efficient, environmental friendly thermostat
• Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales –  DIP switch selectable
• Daily, digital Timer – optimal when you are asleep or away
• Set point limits – 10°..30° C (50..86°F)
• Temp Offset - +5°
• Silicon rubber buttons
• IR option

data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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