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230VAC, Energy Controller for energy saving,
in offices or hotel rooms.
Turns off/on HVAC + lighting systems
per presence in a room via an Occupancy Sensor,
and optional Contact Inputs.
Also available in 24VAC version:

The EC-300 is a smart Energy Controller which offers substantial energy saving of Air Conditioning & lighting operation in hotel bedrooms, offices or conference rooms.
Since hotel bedrooms have different needs from offices regarding occupancy changes, the EC-300 allows different configurations for them.
In both applications, presence detection is achieved via an Infra Red Occupancy sensor; if the IR sensor detects no presence within a certain, configurable time, the EC will cut off electricity to HVAC & Lighting systems.
Upon detection, EC will automatically re-operate the systems.
In addition, HVAC system will stop working if someone opens the window.
For Hotels, additional Contact Input, a door switch, or other Normally Closed input is employed.
The EC-300 also allows a 'Special Event' option, which disables EC-300 operation.

• Power supply - 230VAC, 10A for HVAC operation
• Detects presence based on an IR Occupancy sensor + Contact Inputs on door entry or window
•  DIP switch selectable options:• Hotel or Office configuration (Door switch active or not for logic)
• With or without compressor delay
• With or without temperature limits
• Window Switch config. (N/O or N/C)
• Maximum energy saving
• Easy, quick installation at voltage line, between an existing HVAC & lighting system and Power Supply
• EC installation requires no modification in the existing room devices
• No decline in convenience to user
• Controller supplies 12VDC voltage to IR detector
• EC controller set contains the controller + IR sensor

data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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