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  multi-zone systems > multi-zone radiators

The PS-MZ200-Rad is ideal for residential, commercial or industrial applications. It is compatible with Heating radiators applications and can control up to 7 different zones.
One of the zone serves also as the master, and different types of thermostats can be selected as zones.
Zones can also be programmed for ON/OFF, ideal for times when the zone is less occupied.
The main board offers inputs for the Boiler, and 3 different temperature sensors, adjusting the water temperature according to the outside Temperature.
Other features are quick connectors from the thermostats to the main board, and the energy-saving 3-ways valve algorithm  make this multi-zone controller  a simple and most efficient Radiators control system.
Sample sketch for radiators :  www.meitavtec.com/Radiators_floor_plan.htm


Advanced Radiators Multi-Zone control system,
activates 24VAC On/Off valves,
and can control up to 7 zones.

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