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24VAC, flush-mount thermostat,
with 1 proportional (3-wire) output for Cool,
and 1 on-off (relay) output for Heat.

The FMH24-PMH-IR is an attractive, easy to operate thermostat suitable for light commercial, residential or apartment applications.
It has 1 proportional, Pulse Modulated (3-wire) output for Cool and 1 on-off relay output for Heat.
It is a smart looking, flush mount thermostat, with a soft aesthetic shape and a large, easy to read LCD display.

• Flush mount, 24VAC thermostat
• 1 Pulse Modulated, (3 wire) output for Cool, and 1 on-off (relay) output for Heat (230VAC, 5A max)
• Temperature limits for Cool & Heat
• Adjustable open/close time for motor – 10-400 seconds
• Lock/Unlock thermostat pushbuttons
• Remote control - option
• Silicon rubber key pads
• Large, easy to read display
• Simple & friendly setting

data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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