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Flush-mount, 230VAC thermostat,
with 0-10V proportional outputs for Fan-Coil valves,
and 3 Fan speeds.

The FMH220-P-FC-SUPER is a highly versatile, thermostat for Fan Coil applications.
With numerous configuration options, it is an ideal solution for wholesalers to keep on stock and supply the proper configuration according to customer's specifications.
This superior, energy saving thermostat offers 2 proportional outputs for Cool & Heat, with a configurable, proportional opening.
It also enables choosing various configuration options using  DIP switches, to suit to customer's requirements.
For example, seller can configure it to a 2-Pipe or a 4-Pipe application, with or without Auto-Change-Over mode, 1or 3 fan speeds, or alternatively, internal / external sensor.
Other important features, such as Economy mode, temperature offset, dead zone and set point limits are also adjustable.
This versatility makes the FMH220-P-FC-SUPER the ultimate choice for comfortable, easy temperature control for Fan-Coil.

• Flush mount, 230VAC thermostat (available also in 110VAC model)
• Applicable for various Fan Coil applications: 2 pipe / 4 pipe –  DIP switch selectable
• 2 separate proportional outputs for Cool and Heat (configurable, proportional opening -0-10V)
• Auto change over sensor or contact input –  DIP switch selectable
• 1 or 3 fan speeds –  DIP switch selectable
• With / without Auto-change-over mode –  DIP switch selectable
• Always Auto-Fan /Auto-Fan selectable –  DIP switch selectable
• Set point & room temp. display / set point temp. only –  DIP switch selectable
• Internal / External sensor –  DIP switch selectable
• Hand held remote control – option
• Timer – ideal when you are asleep or away
• Adjustable set point limits - 10°…30°C default
• Economy mode
• Lock buttons – option
• Offset – adjustable
• Beeping pushbuttons - optional

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