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Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat,
 with 5-1-1 weekly program,
Freeze Protection,
for A/C & F/C applications.

The ETN-SUPER-3S-FP-PROG-C-EU is a fully featured, advanced thermostat suitable for light commercial or residential applications.
It offers various selectable configurations, applicable by  DIP switches to best suit customer's requirements: Air Condition or Fan-Coil, Heat/Cool or Heat Pump, Oil/Gas heater or electrical heater, internal/external sensor and more.
Additional features such as Freeze Protection, Dead Zone, Offset are all included and adjustable.
Its 5-1-1 weekly program, with 4 periods (Start time, Stop time and Set-Point) per day, is easy to use and can provide 24-hour comfort as well as energy savings.
All these qualities make the ETN24-SUPER-3S-FP-PROG-C-EU a superior, flexible solution for easy temperature control.

• Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat
•  DIP switch selectable configurations:• Heat/Cool or Heat Pump
• 3 minutes compressor delay / no delay
• Oil/Gas heater / Electrical heater
• Internal or external sensor
• Weekly program – 5-1-1 days, Euro type, 4 x Start & Stop times + Set-Point per day
• 3 fan speed control + Auto speed
• Energy saving – cost efficient, environmental friendly thermostat
• Temperature scale – °C
• Offset for temp. reading adjustment - ±6°C
• Pushbutton locking - option
• Freeze Protection – adjustable – to protect system from freezing in cold temperature
• Auto-change-over - option
• Auto-fan – option
• Remote control (RT05) – optional
• 230VAC Fan Coil configuration is available with PS-600 (220VAC-24VAC Power Supply)

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