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24VAC, Wall-mount Thermostat for Temperature & Humidity control,
with proportional integral outputs for Cool & Heat,
De-Humidification ability and 3 Fan Speed control.

The ETN-24-P-3S-HU thermostat is a combined Temperature & Humidity controller.
It offers 2 separate Proportional, Integral (0-10VDC or 2-10VDC) outputs for Cool & Heat, where the Cool output operates also a De-Humidifier in predefined humidity conditions (40%-70%).
With inputs for external temperature sensor and humidity sensor, the ETN-24-P-3S-HU allows the user to adjust both temperature and humidity set points.

• Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat
• 2 Proportional (0-10VDC or 2-10VDC) outputs:
 - Cool and De-humidification
 - Heat
• 2 adjustable set points; temperature and humidity
• 3 Fan Speed control + Auto, 24VAC, 0.5A
• Modes – Cool, Heat, Auto-Change-Over /Fan
• Input for external temperature sensor – option
• Input for external humidity sensor (0-10VDC)
• Humidity set point range- 40%-70% RH
• Temperature Tamb - 7°…35°C
• Set point limits - 10°…30°C
• Adjustable humidity set point range – 40…70% RH
• Differential for Temp. WinT – 2…10°C
• Differential for RH – 4…20%
• Works with Meitav-tec’s GHU sensor- combined temperature and humidity sensor for room or duct

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