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DA-24-3W-T Series

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Stand alone damper – Air flow regulator & control,
with temperature sensor,
Available in 6”, 8”, 10” diameter.

Damper applications for climate control are the best way to regulate airflow in a multi-zoned house, hotel or office building to improve efficiency and occupant comfort.
Dampers allow you to have complete control over which rooms are air conditioned or closed, and are thus energy saving.
Users decide on mode and set point and the damper will open or close accordingly.
Dampers are available in 6”, 8” & 10” diameter.

• Main supply - 24V
• Stand alone, proportional damper
• Proportional, 3 wire open /close
• Damper opening/ closing duration: 8 seconds
• Damper control via room thermostat
• Energy saving & environmental friendly
• Available in 6”, 8” and 10” diameter

DA-24-3W-T Series
data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram

DA6"-24-3W-T 6" data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram
DA8"-24-3W-T 8" data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram
DA10"-24-3W-T 10" data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram



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