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BDIR-24-SUPER Series

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24VAC, surface-mount thermostat,  
with 5-1-1, USA-type weekly program built in,
and operable via remote control ONLY.

The BDIR-24-Super is a stylish thermostat that is ideally-suited for commercial applications, as it is operable via IR remote control ONLY.
It can control a large variety of HVAC systems with either Heat/Cool or Heat Pump configurations and offers a selectable number of heating and cooling stages.
Its 5-1-1 program, with 4 periods (Set Cool/Set Heat) per day, is easy to use and can provide 24-hour comfort as well as energy savings.
Overall, the BDIR-24-Super is an attractive, surface mount thermostat with a large and easy to read display.

• Surface-mount, 24VAC thermostat
•  DIP switch selectable configurations:
 - Heat/Cool or Heat Pump system
 - Electric or Oil/Gas heat system
 - Heat Pump in Cool or Heat
 - °F or °C scale
• 5-1-1 programmable; 4 periods per day, each with Set Heat and Set Cool
• Operable via IR Remote Control ONLY
• 2 set points (Cool & Heat)- for auto-changeover
• External sensor- option

BDIR-24-SUPER Series
data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram

Cooling stages Heating stages Speeds
BDIR-24-HC22-1S 2 2 1 data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram
BDIR-24-HP21-1S 1 2 1 data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram
BDIR-24-HP32-1S 2 3 1 data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram
BDIR-24-SUPER All-IN-ONE All-IN-ONE 1 data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram



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