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FPC-02 - Freeze protection controller

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Freeze protection controller and a power panel for heat tracing and freeze protection applications.

The FPC-02 is a "Plug and Play" controller and a power panel for  frost protection, Heat tracing, ice and snow melting applications.
When the tempetature drops below the pre-defined adjustable set-points, it activates the contactor energizing the heating elements.
The Technician Settings mode allows installer or technician to adjust the parameters for customized installations using the electronic controller installed in the front panel.
The adjustable Hold-On timer, keeps the outputs to the heaters active to ensure complete freeze protection.
The Hold-On (Time delay) is adjustable in the range of 0up to 99 hours.
The FPC-02 Built-in Ground Fault interuptor allows manual reset from the front panel
3 LEDs visible through the transparent plastic cover provides information about the status of the system.

  • Automatic control for Heat Tracing and Freeze Protection
  • Integrated electronic controller with backlit LCD display
  • Adjustable Temperature Set-point
  • User friendly interface
  • Multiple sensors input – optional
  • Up to 30A & 120/240V outputs to the heaters load
  • Integrated Ground Fault Sensor
  • Adjustable Hold-On-OFF Delay and
  • Optional Manual On override
  • Technician testing / commissioning mode for easy and fast system test all year long (even during summer or at high temp)
  • ETL certification

FPC-02 - Freeze protection controller
data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram

Type Heating loads Voltage
FPC-02-240 30 A 240 VAC data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram
FPC-02-120 30 A 120 VAC data sheet Owners manual wiring diagram



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